Bodybuilding is required for any person who is looking forward to have a fit and fine body. This is even more in case of athletes, as they have to be fit all the time irrespective of the time of the year. Only a fit and ready to go athlete will be able to compete in all the tournaments and can prove their merit. This applies to all the athletes in general and to be specific Mixed Martial Arts athletes often called as MMA athletes have to be fit and have a good body in order to compete and win the battles that are in front of them. Here are some of the common bodybuilding moves that every MMA athlete should be practicing on a regular basis.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
This is the type of martial arts which focuses on submissions, grappling and ground level fighting. A good MMA athlete should be able to master all the positions. The main ground positions that should be focused are the guard-mount position, side mount positions, the simple mount position, rear mount position and the bottom guard position. The clinches should also be practiced, both Thai clinch,collar and arm clinch. As for the submissions, the leg triangle, arm triangle, armbar, knee bar, hammer lock, key lock, rear naked choke, etc.

Boxing/Kickboxing, Thai Boxing
The positions and the stance have to be perfect to get the right moves for mixed martial arts. The stance is the first thing that has to be practiced. The next important thing to be practiced is the punches. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut are the styles that you need to be thorough with in order to perform well in the martial arts category. Kicks are also something that you need to practice correctly.

The roundhouse kick, inside leg kick and front kick are some of the main kicks that have to be practiced on a regular basis. Side kick and spinning leg kick are optional and can be practiced if you are looking for some variations. The use of knees and elbows are also an important in martial arts. The simple knee stance, running flying knee, outside knee, inside knee, elbow, etc. are the stances that need to be practiced regularly.

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Heavy Bag/Speed Bag & Shadow Boxing
The use of a heavy bag is one unavoidable routine in MMA training. This is mainly used to practice the punches, kicks, elbows and knees. The use of the heavy bag can increase the endurance levels, increase the striking power, improve the coordination and also help in improving the technique. The speed bag can also help in the coordination in addition to the speed of punching that you can do. Shadow boxing can aid in improving the technique. It is better to do shadow boxing just before doing the heavy bag.

Sparring & Jumping Rope
Sparring is the training that can test the speed, accuracy and power of each punch and can help much in improving the punches so that it can be more effective. Jumping rope is something that has to be practised by MMA fighters as it improves the cardiovascular conditioning in addition to the coordination and the footwork. The three basic styles in jumping rope are running in place, double unders and criss cross.

In addition to all these mentioned above, wrestling and weight trainings also have to be incorporated as part of the training schedule in order to do proper body building for MMA athletes.

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