The term MMA which means Mixed Martial Arts is a mix of multiple types of exercises that can make the body fit and also strong enough for participating in any physical activity athletics. This term was not known much till the early 1990’s when only a bunch of people were following this. Though there were not any MMA gyms or separate coaches to train you in it, those who had the interest were getting into individual classes for each important function that forms a part of the overall MMA trainings like BJJ dojo, boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, etc. Today, you can do all these in one particular place and hence many people are making use of these MMA classes for their body building needs. What makes MMA the best option for body building is one question that comes to the mind when you think about this. Let us discuss this here.

The use of MMA for bodybuilding can help in building strength to the body. Strength not only means the muscle strength, it includes the overall power and strength that the body can deliver. Weight training is the best way to develop this overall strength that is very crucial in bodybuilding, especially if you are training to become an athlete. In addition to this, the resistance training can also improve your overall performance and change the way the body looks.

The exercises that are being taught in the MMA classes are mostly relevant to bodybuilding. If you are not sure, you can discuss this with the MMA gym instructor or coach who can show you the right moves even though most of the exercises that are taught will be applicable to bodybuilding as that is also needed for a MMA fighter. Bar clean and jerk, dumbbell clean and jerk, dead-lifts, squats, good mornings, standing straight arm dumbbell presses, Swiss ball press ups, standard bar lunges and bar walking lunges are all that you need to focus on to end up with a good body.

Recovery is one of the main concerns of any bodybuilding program and the same applied to the MMA schedule as well. The workouts have to be planned in such a way that the body gets enough rest to recuperate from the cell damages, if any. The MMA classes for amateurs are usually done three times in a week. You can start with this schedule. If you feel that you can challenge yourself, then you can increase the number of classes gradually ensuring that there is enough time in between two successive classes.

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Care should be taken that you do not over train yourself. At times, you tend to get carried away and try to do much more that what the body can take which will only end up in greater muscle damage which may take a considerable amount of time to recover. If you are able to control the urge and plan your workouts in a proper way as per the limits that your body can take, then there is no other training that is better than MMA to help you in achieving your bodybuilding goals.

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