If you wish to get a perfect body, it’s high time you should get back to a good workout routine. Make a healthy diet plan as well; specially manage the amount of nutrients you consume daily. Energy and growth needed by our body needs nutritious food in god amount. Don’t keep yourself starving in order to fight the fat, instead eat healthy and make a plan to manage your calorie intake daily. You can consult a dietician who can suggest you the daily intake of calorie you need. Also remember you can’t prevent eating fats completely, because even the most nutritious food contains some amount of fat in it.

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For losing approx 1 pound weight every week, restrict yourself to 500 calorie per day. Carbs and Proteins are another important supplements for body building. Never think of skipping any meal, in fact to build your body you need to eat for about every 3 to 4 hours. Calories act like fuel in your body, and will boost up your energy levels. Maintain a balance of 40 % carbohydrates and protein and 20 % of fat. Breakfast or lunch should be your largest meal, ensure that your meal is full of vegetables and fruits. Eat salads for both lunch and dinner – it should contain fresh vegetables, lettuce, beans and plain vinegar. If your body lacks the proper amount of fluids, you will be inefficient in gaining the desired muscles, hence important to drink lots of water.

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