We all know that what we eat is what we are. Whether we are slim or fat, either way, it is directly proportional to the food that we eat and the amount of physical exercises that we do. The same principle applies to bodybuilding as well. If you are too thin, then you need to gobble some extra calories in order to have a proper body that can be built in the way that you need. If you are too fat, then you need to work out in a proper way to reduce the fat content at the same time eat right so that you do not add on the existing fat.
· Start with counting the calories. First weigh yourself and fix up an ideal weight that you need to reach. Depending on the weight loss or weight gain that you need, the diet has to be set.
· Do not starve. Eat at the proper time and eat the correct quantities in addition to eating the right food content that would give a positive effect on your body.
· Simply working out may not help in any way if you do not control your diet. Count the weight loss or weight gain on a regular basis and modify the diet according to your targets.
· High protein diet is the main in case you are looking to build muscle strength.
· Take complex carbohydrates that take a long time to digest hence making you feel full even after quite a while after your meal.
· Consume plenty of green vegetables. This contains plenty of nutrients and vitamins that will help you in achieving your goal.
· Break down your food routine into 6 small meals rather than having 3 large meals a day. This will help in maintaining your body metabolism throughout the day.

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